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Being a member at Brock House Society
provides a place to build lasting friendships.
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Fall 2019 Registration
All programs listed below are for members only and require registration. Tours and certain social events are open to member guests. Please visit the program pages for details. If you are not a member consider joining, you can click on the link here: Become a Member at Brock House

ARTS & CRAFTS                                                 
AR101 Magical Mixing of Watercolours


Cryptic Crosswords for Beginners FREE


Absolute Beginners Bridge FREE
Supervised Bridge Play FREE
BR101 Advanced Bridge
BR102 Intermediate Bridge
Christmas Chicago Bridge with Lunch

HEALTH & WELLNESS                                     
Essential Oils - An Introduction FREE
HW101 Balance, Posture & Strength (Mon)
HW102 Balance, Posture & Strength (Wed)
HW103 Osteofit Tuesdays - CANCELLED
HW104 Osteofit Thursdays
HW105 Stretch & Strength Mondays
HW106 Stretch & Strength Wednesdays
HW107 Chair Yoga for Beginners
HW108 Chair Yoga - Intermediate
HW109 Line Dancing
HW110 Meditation - CANCELLED
HW111 Qigong (Ch'i Kung) - CANCELLED

HW112 Tai Chi Level 1 - 24 Form for Beginners - CANCELLED
HW113 Tai Chi Level 2 - 24 Form Part 2 - CANCELLED

HW114 Tai Chi Level 3 - 24 Form & Mirror Image 
HW115 Tai Chi Level 4 - 24 & 48 Form
HW116 Yoga Mondays (60min)
HW117 Yoga Tuesdays (90min)
HW118 Yoga Thursdays - CANCELLED
HW119 Restorative/Yin Yoga Thursday
HW120 Restorative/Yin Yoga Fridays - TIME change
HW121 Zumba for Seniors (Tuesdays)
HW122 Zumba for Seniors (Fridays)
HW123 Yoga Fridays (60min) - ADDED program

INTELLECTUAL PURSUITS                                 
Indigenous Studies FREE
IP101 Art History

IP102 Genealogy: The Next Step - CANCELLED
IP103 Great Composers from Bach to Mozart

IP104 Legendary Performers
IP105 Magic Workshop 2.0

IP106 Our Strange Relationship with Fiction
IP107 Wine Course: Southern Hemisphere

Spanish Conversation Level 1 - Beginners FREE
Spanish Conversation Level 2 - Intermediate FREE
LG101 French Beginners - CANCELLED
LG102 French Intermediate
LG103 French Advanced - CANCELLED
LG104 Italian for Beginners

MS101 Beginner Ukulele Lessons TIME CHANGE
MS102 Beginner Ukulele Lessons NEW CLASS

SOCIAL GROUPS                                                
An Evening Social Event
Men's Lunch 

WRITTEN WORD                                                
WR101 Write From the Heart

EVENTS & SOCIALS                                           
Halpern Performing Arts Event: Bernard Cuffling
Halpern Performing Arts Event: The Season of the Witch
2019 Remembrance Day Tribute
Brock House Christmas Luncheon 11:15 Sitting
Brock House Christmas Luncheon 12:00 Sitting
Brock House Christmas Luncheon 12:45 Sitting

Christmas in the Country Tour
Indian Arm Luncheon Cruise Tour
Manning Fall Foliage Tour
River Eagle Cruise
River Eagle Cruise - NEW ADDED TOUR